• Yoda Yee

Amazon Sellers, Use Dayparts To Optimize Your Advertising Budget

Do you want to become an even better online seller? Are you on Amazon? Shopify? Other sites? Are you juggling your responsibilities, trying to get even one more sale? Or are you already where you want to be? Is this a lot of questions? Yes. But it's important. Because no matter where you want to be with your online store, you can always improve. Here's the secret to unlocking even more sales.

Daypart your ad campaigns.

That's it.


Change your advertising campaigns and you will change the reality of your online store.

The most important aspect of this tip is to make sure you really understand your marketing tools. Do you set it and forget it when you run an ad campaign? It's almost that easy, but there's one more important thing to keep in mind: timing. On average, 80% of budget campaigns are out of budget by 11 AM. That's right -- completely exhausted, and it's not even time for lunch yet. How many people are seeing your ads if this is happening? Not many.

Consider this and pair that fact with the fact that budget campaigns reset at midnight. While not many people are shopping around then, that means midnight has the highest CPC (that's cost per click for those of you who aren't familiar with ad terminology just yet. Don't worry, you'll get there). You need to be altering your ad campaigns so your most profitable hours aren't the hours where few people are shopping. Enter Daypart.

Dayparting is the ability to resume campaigning mid-day, thus ensuring your ads are being shown to real people.

Sellers can daypart to turn on campaigns during peak shopping hours, increasing your rate of return on ad spend (ROAS). By doing this, you'll make more profit and more sales, all without spending more money that you've already invested into your store. Optimize your budget and become a better Amazon seller by dayparting. It's easy. Do it now.

Register on oldstreetmedia.tech/register to get started with dayparting today.

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