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What Makes a Top Amazon Car Seat Listing [With Takeaways for Other Industries]

When Amazon Sellers and Vendors set up their product listings, they are faced with several hurdles to get their ASINs in top shape for performance. Many products are never reviewed or updated within the ever changing competitive environment, making several Amazon businesses lose out on what could have been profitable sales gains. The car seat industry is competitive with many large brand names and vastly differing price points - making it even more important to have a product page that breaks through the noise.

In this post we will go through the top car seat product listings on Amazon, and highlight the key takeaways that you can use to increase the performance of your own ASINs -- whether you operate within the car seat industry or not.

What Makes a Top Amazon Product Listing?

From the top 3 (out of 100) product listings in car seats on Amazon UK, these are the key areas we identified to contribute to their ongoing ranking success:

  • Use of keywords

  • Benefit-focused product bullets

  • Product Images

  • Relevant technical detail

  • A+ Content

  • Reviews

1) Use of Keywords

The use of keywords can make or break a product listing. If not done effectively, your product listing can be covered in the dust that is beyond page 1 of the search results. A top product listing includes both keywords that are highly searched and highly relevant to your product listing.

When looking at the top product listings in car seats, several keywords jump out to us including: lightweight, isofix, high back, booster seat, and the specific weight and age range relevant to the product.

When cross referencing these keywords on Brand Analytics’ search terms, we found these same keywords to have high search frequency across Amazon. This means that the top ranking car seat products are including the most frequently searched keywords from customers looking to purchase a car seat.

2) Benefit-focused product bullets

Along with any marketing copywriting, you want to clearly showcase your main product benefits to a customer that (in the case of Amazon) is most likely scanning multiple products. This is best done in the top third of a product page’s content, encompassing the product title, images, and bullet points. Because bullet points give you more characters, this is your key area to highlight product benefits.

When looking at car seats, each top performing ASIN’s bullet points are structured in a way that highlights the key product benefits. For example with the number 1 ranking product, their bullet points are:

  • Group 2/3 car seat - suitable from 4 to approximately 12 years (15-36 kg)

  • Height-adjustable headrest

  • Height-adjustable armrests

  • Retractable cup holders

  • Open-loop belt guides to help ensure proper seat belt positioning

  • Machine-washable seat pad

This Amazon vendor has briefly covered their car seat’s main selling points while answering their most frequently asked questions. This practice gets the bulk of the listing across to the customer without needing to rely on the rest of the full detail page -- being ideal for the scanning eye.

3) Product images

In car seats, the top ranking products included images that further emphasize the product benefits and unique selling points. Along with being high quality images, the top ranking products included images showing the product to scale, lifestyle shots, and further product benefits.

For example, the top ranking product’s images included its additional features including side impact protection, height-adjustable armrests and headrests. Coincidently, the frequently asked questions and product reviews mainly discuss each of these features.

By addressing the customer’s frequently asked questions and highlighting the main benefits from the product reviews in the product images, you can address most customer concerns within the top third of your product page.

4) Relevant technical detail

This area is fairly self explanatory, but it is essential to have the correct technical information for your product listings. We have seen some listings where batteries are listed as included for a product that does not require batteries.

Does your car seat have special features like isofix connectors or is it a foldable car seat ideal for travel? Include this in the technical details. This is an important area for the customer who is looking for specifications when purchasing, so make sure to make the most of it.

5) A+ Content

From performing many Amazon content reviews, our team has found A+ content to be of significant value for customers new to a brand. With higher priced items such as car seats, customers want to make the most informed purchasing decisions and you want this to come from the easiest point of sale which is your product’s detail page.

Within the top 3 car seat products on Amazon, all have similar structure in their A+ content. They start by briefly going over the brand, touch on the main features, include lifestyle videos, and finish with a comparison chart with key product differences.

Whether it’s video, comparison charts, brand story, or product benefits, customers who scroll to the A+ content section of your product listing are seriously considering purchasing your product. For this reason, it’s important to strategically lay out your A+ content and have it created with a high quality design.

6) Reviews

Product reviews are trusted by most Amazon customers and tend to be one of the most important decision making factors when it comes to purchasing a product. All of the top 3 ranking products in car seats have reviews upward of 2,000 - giving them a high level of trust and credibility with Amazon customers.

Main Takeaways

When you are conducting your own product page reviews, it is good practice to research what the category leaders are doing and use this information as inspiration. In your research you will be able to stay on top of your competitors and take advantage of any gaps they miss out on.

There are additional factors that contribute to the top ranking products listed that are not always controllable. Two out of the three top listings were from a large car seat brand, which we can only assume to have strong brand recognition that not all small sellers can duplicate. We’ve chosen to focus this article on the factors that you can control and update to best contribute to a higher ranking for your own product listings.

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